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facile development of tourism, joining Management, Tecnology, Innovation. Check out what facileplan® can do for you in this video.

facileplan® is a software solution in the cloud to assist destinations in sustainable tourism development.

Business going on in Destination!

Develop cutting-edge apps!

Develop your own solutions and applications to help improve the experience of tourists and citizens.

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Our Features

Customer service

You are not alone anymore. We will be your strategic partner, readily meeting your necessities of improvements and corrections.

Tourist Inventory

These tools helps in the identification, categorization, register and concentration of all resources and attractions of Destination.

Demand Surveys

These tools completely dominates the monitoring of the tourism activity in Destination.

Tourist Marketing

Content management to attach to the Inventory all commercial material needed to support the communication of Destination.

Intelligence Tools

Tools to help change the large volume of data captured in information easy to interpret.

50+ Statistical reports

More than 50 reports of quantitative and qualitative analysis ready to support decision making.

Version control and audit

No data will be lost ever in the system, just versioned. Control reports of actions made in the system.

Integration Data Link (API)

Enabled in order that other companies could develop solutions over facileplan®.

and more...

The tourism inventory model has a high specialized methodology, organizing information in three categories: Infrastructure to Supporting Tourism, Tourism Service and Equipment and Tourism Attractions. The methodology is 100% compatible with the standard determined by Brazilian Ministry of Tourism.
You just pay for using a full service that includes aspects as the infrastructure needed for proper operation of application and for maintenance.
Developers, both individual micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs , of applications or solutions can be benefited of a direct access to the public tourism information, available in the facileplan®, in order to develop advanced tourism applications.

There are a lot of destinations taking adventage of what facileplan® makes...

Our clients are Governments, Regional and Municipal Tourism Associations. Meet our customers.


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